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You've never seen anything quite like this. EssayGrader is an AI powered grading assistant that gives high quality, specific and accurate writing feedback for essays. Thousands of teachers and students use EssayGrader to improve their writing and grading every day. Get started today for free!!!

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Our software provides writing feedback reports that are based on grading rubrics. You get to either define your own rubrics or use our defaults. Our feedback reports help speed up grading times or help students by quickly identifying areas that need improvement. As well as provide an overall estimated grade and individual grades for each grading criteria on your rubric.


Our software provides detailed error reports of all grammar, spelling and punctuation errors found in an essay. Our error reports help speed up grading times by quickly highlighting mistakes made in the essay. Or provide students with any errors found in their essay.


Sometimes you don't want to read a 2000 word essay and you'd just like a quick summary. We can help with our summarizer feature. We can provide a concise summary including the most important information and unique phrases.

AI detector

Our AI detector feature allows teachers to identify if an essay was written by AI or if only parts of it were written by AI. AI is becoming very popular and teachers need to be able to detect if essays are being written by students or AI.

Examples of what we can do for you

Feedback report example

See how our software provided writing feedback and an estimated grade based on a set of grading standards.

See example

Error report example

See how our software found multiple errors in an essay. Such as exposition, puncuation and grammar.

See example

AI detection example

See how our software can detect if students are using ChatGPT or artificial intelligence to write their essays.

See example

Summarized essay example

See how our software took a large word count essay and summarized it into a concise summary.

See example

Our goal...

We are making EssayGrader a place where teachers can grade essays faster and more accurate. As well as a place where students can take initiative on writing better essays. Our software is still in constant development, where we will continue to release updates to make everyones lives easier when grading or writing essays.

Teachers carry a heavy burden and are often overworked and underpaid. We understand that and we want to make EssayGrader a tool to carry some of that burden from you.

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