About us

What is EssayGrader?

EssayGrader is a tool built for teachers and students. Teachers can use this tool as an additional grading assistant to provide students with more feedback on their essays. Think of it as an extra set of eyes to make your life easier. Students can use this tool to take initiative on their essays to get it in the best shape before submitting for grading.

EssayGrader isn’t just some simple tool to detect simple writing errors in students' work. It's trained on massive amounts of diverse text data including books, articles and websites. It's a well trained tool with a vast amount of knowledge to give in-depth feedback on writing.

How'd EssayGrader come about?

Payton, a software engineer with more than a decade of coding experience, built EssayGrader as a solution to a real problem. Teachers use EssayGrader to help them with their jobs and students use the tool to write better essays.

Payton then began talking with other writing teachers on how he could make the product even better. He saw a lot of the pain problems they were having and worked on a way to solve those directly in EssayGrader.

Questions or feedback?

We love questions and especially feedback. The more we hear about the problems you may be experiencing while grading essays/papers, the better we can make EssayGrader. Follow us on Twitter or feel free to send us an email with any questions or feedback you have about our product.